Business Management, Strategy and Market Entry Advisory

We work with individuals and businesses to help them develop their businesses. Particularly, we work with founders, board of directors and management teams to develop and/or solve current organizational needs. Services under our business management consulting include:

Strategy and policy development

We work with both private and public institutions including governments and development agencies to create strategies and develop policies to solve practical problems and achieve desired results. Using well researched data, we create all sorts of strategies and formulate policies for varied industries and sectors.

Strategy Consulting

Comprehensively analysing your business in relation to its industry, competitors, and the business environment in both the short- and long-term in order for your company to achieve its goals. Our approach is such that we thoroughly look through your company, componentize it using relevant theories and frameworks to diagnose issues and thereafter present strategic options to solve the problem.

Evaluating business models

We help organizations with developing or evaluating their business models and plans.

Business Networking

We assist businesses to connect with experts in various industries be it consultants, local partners, distributors and others.

Administrative Service

We offer co-working space and online resources for individuals and businesses.

Market Entry Advisory

We assist both local and foreign brands and companies to establish in markets we operate in. As part of this service, we help business with their entry strategy and other value added service such as launching – business registration, setup and others.

Public Relations, Reputation Management and Events Management

This service includes Digital Marketing, Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting, Sustainability Consulting, Branding and Corporate Identity; Risk, Issues and Crisis Management, Stakeholder Management; Impact Assessment; Marketing Communications and Reputation Management.

Energy Advisory

This service includes advising companies throughout the energy value-chain including petroleum (upstream, midstream and downstream) and power (generation, transmission and distribution). We are also energy advisors in terms of energy efficiency and advancing the course of climate change.

Technology Consulting

We advise clients on how to utilise technology to gain competitive advantage. This service includes providing insights on the digital economy, platform economy, circular economy, new tech and industry 4.0 (automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of things, etc.), electric vehicles, smart wear and others. We also assist clients with web and mobile applications, as well as using technology to enhance efficiency such as deploying Enterprise systems, etc.

Capacity Building

The capacity building arm of our business focuses on delivering products and services that builds the skillset of individuals and corporate bodies. Services and brands under this arm of our business includes:

London School of Public Relations, Ghana:

A corporate communications training institution based in United Kingdom. For more information kindly visit:

Street MBA

A social enterprise that seeks to empower small scale businesses in business knowledge at a relatively low fee or at no cost. We prioritize the marginalized groups in society (women, people with disability and businesses operating in poor communities).

BDU Training

We offer tailored (Bespoke) training designed to meet client’s training needs. We offer all types of courses (except courses delivered via LSPR Ghana) under this service and we also create courses based on clients’ preference. We also deliver conferences and seminars on thematic areas relevant to industry.


We use appropriate methodologies and knowhow to design researches that lead to insightful findings to make meaningful decisions. We are also keen on using acquired insights to develop future proof innovations. We work with clients to conduct all types of research. We also collaborate with clients on ongoing research projects through advisory services, data collection, analysis and others.

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