The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Ghana on Friday April 2, 2021, held a virtual introductory meeting to welcome new delegates to its upcoming training. In attendance were the LSPR team in Ghana, the delegates to be trained and Mr. John Dalton, founder of LSPR.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the delegates to the LSPR community, that is, the courses and facilitators, and to understand the training needs of our delegates and highlight the possibilities that the certification holds for them. The meeting started off with a self-introductory session to get to know the background of all the delegates, the Founder of LSPR and LSPR team in Ghana.

The delegates, together with the facilitators and Mr. John Dalton had an interactive discussion on how LSPR courses are structured and how it helps delegates to develop the specific skill set and knowledge required in today’s workplace. Delegates were then given the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the courses they are to undertake and industry they operate in.

The meeting ended with remarks from Mr. Dalton and the facilitators as well as an announcement of the training start date.



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