• DONE BY US in January successfully launched the Africa Street MBA Programme, an entrepreneurial platform that provides an integrated business support for start-ups and small businesses through capacity building, mentorship, business development services and funding for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas or early-stage ventures. The project seeks to impact about 10,000 youth from poor background and with low education annually. The project prioritizes women and persons living with disabilities (PWD).
  • 2021 - 2022

    • DONE BY US produced series of short films to visually tell a story of a co-authored article titled “Speeding Ghana’s Transition to Low-GWP and Energy-Efficient Cooling”. The films explores the work Ghana’s Energy Commission has done to secure access to climate-friendly and energy-efficient cooling appliances. The project was executed in collaboration with the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD).
    • DONE BY US was selected as the Consultancy Firm to execute various creatives for Energy Commission’s Senior High Schools Renewable Energy Challenge. As part of the contract, experts from DONE BY US, advised on creative direction and executed live productions for the event which was also streamed online.
    • DONE BY US produced a project impact film for the ECOFRIDGES GO Initiative in Ghana. As part of the assignment, our experts developed scripts, storyboards, infographics and motion-graphic contents for the project as well as the GREEN ON-WAGE Financing Mechanism designed to overcome the hurdles to energy efficiency and lower impact refrigerants identified through the market assessment.
    • DONE BY US, was the lead consultancy firm in the development of a web based Enterprise Management System for a Logistics company in Ghana. The system was designed to cater for the entire operations of the company.
    • DONE BY US, won a national tender to develop Communications Strategy and Public Education Plan for a top regulatory body in Ghana.
    • DONE BY US designed, developed and hosted a website for Ascension Ministries Worldwide, a Christian Organisation in Ghana. We were also in charge of the project, managing all project activities and deliverables.

    2020 - 2021

    • Executed a consultancy service for an international development agency in Ghana and conducted stakeholder consultations with key energy sector stakeholders for the Public Facility Sustainable Energy Action Plan (PF-SEAP) developed for the government of Ghana.
    • Built the capacity of a public regulatory agency in Ghana on Service Delivery and Customer Service.
    • Built the capacity of the executive team of one of Ghana’s largest exporters.
    • Assisted a premier hotel brand in Ghana regarding its brand image.
    • Provided expert communications advisory service to teams of the world’s largest natural resource advocacy institution in London and across their 18 operational countries.
    • Created global partnership for a client to expand their market reach in China and UK.
    • Developed marketing strategy for a pharmaceutical company for reaching prospective consumers in Ghana.
    • Developed expansion strategy for a client to compete and achieve faster growth in Ghana.
    • Established a Christian based social enterprise to promote, encourage and make social change in Ghana.
    • Provided a consultancy service for a US $150m mining investment in the mining sector to help increase employment opportunities in Ghana.
    • Conducted Brand Perception Survey and developed Communication Strategy for a Regulatory Agency to ascertain how their brand is perceived in the minds of customers and achieve communication objectives in Ghana.
    • Conducted an empirical research to assess the impact of resource management on stakeholder experience in Ghana.


    • Developed a corporate strategy for an education brand to reach its goals and target and improve profitability in Ghana.
    • Undertaken Strategy Consulting for an awards event in Ghana’s energy sector since 2016.


    • Developed a Brand Perception Survey for a logistics company in Ghana by gathering feedback from customers and non-customers to measure the overall sentiment of their brand. 


    • Established the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) in Ghana. An education brand specialized in Communications and Public Relations professional training.
    • Developed a corporate strategy and brand identity for the Ghana Energy Sector Annual Ball (GESAB) for growth and stability.
    • Developed a communication strategy for a client in Ghana with respect to communication goals, plans, audience and channels.
    • Undertaken new media management for a client in Ghana in creating, analysing ,publishing, promoting and managing content for social media.
    • Worked with a number of global partners to create a sustainable future socially, economically and environmentally.
    • Provided advisory services to Energy News Africa in creating news worthy content for to grab the attention of readers in Ghana.

    Early years - 2015

    • Facilitated and coordinated several Capacity Building workshops for individuals and corporations in Ghana.
    • Conducted various communication assignments for public and private sector institutions in Ghana.
    • Established an E-commerce brand to help simplify business processes and make them faster and efficient in Ghana.

    Providing Expert Communication Advisory Services

    Done By Us provided expert advise to the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) with regards to its flagship 2021 Resource Governance Index (RGI). As consultants working on the Index, we provided expert communications advise to NRGI's teams in approximately 18 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Middle East..

    Aiding Clients to go Global

    In 2021, DONE BY US facilitated talks between a Ghanaian logistics company and a Chinese company to form strategic alliance to start operations in China. The agreement enabled the Ghanaian company to start importing and exporting goods between Ghana and China. In the same year, DONE BY US facilitated business partners for the client in United Kingdom.

    Creating Market Demand Using Robust Strategy

    In 2021, DONE BY US was part of a team that was contracted by a pharmaceutical company to create demand for their new medicinal products in Ghana’s market. We advised the team on a suitable marketing strategy that will achieve desired results.

    Developing Growth Strategies

    In 2021, DONE BY US developed an expansion strategy for our client in the logistics industry. Particularly, we developed a franchise model for the client using relevant frameworks.


    Establishing a Social Enterprise

    In 2020, DONE BY US aided in the establishment of a Christian based Social Enterprise that seeks to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world while helping the poor, needy and marginalized groups. DONE BY US worked on creating the idea together with the project owner - a member of our team - and assisted with initial funding as well as helped with events organization.

    Consultancy Services for Investment in Largescale Mines in Ghana

    Between 2020 to 2021, DONE BY US through our senior mining advisors led a consultancy service to secure investment of US$150 million for a large-scale gold mine in Konongo, a mining town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

    Conducting Brand Perception Survey and Developing Communications Strategy for a client.

    In 2020, DONE BY US won a tender to conduct a brand perception survey as well as develop communications strategy for one of Ghana’s premium regulatory body. Based on the scope of work and methodology, we conducted the survey in specific regions with a sample size of 400 respondents. Data collected were then analysed and interpreted. Based on the survey findings, a comprehensive communications strategy was developed and implemented for the client. Overall, sub plans that were included were Brand Manual, Client Service Charter, Crisis Management Plan, Media Plan, CSR Policy, Stakeholder Mapping, M&E Templates, Events Management Plan and an Implementation Plan.

    Strategy Consulting for an education brand.

    In 2019, DONE BY US through our Senior Advisors developed a corporate strategy and event management plan for Ghana’s first energy sector quiz competition.

    Perception survey for a logistics brand

    In 2018, DONE BY US developed and conducted a brand perception survey for a logistics company in Ghana. We surveyed over one thousand respondents through various channels for the client. Survey findings were then used to develop corporate strategy for the client.

    Establishment of London School of Public Relations (LSPR)

    In 2017, DONE BY US through our Senior Advisor signed an agreement with London School of Public Relations, a United Kingdom based communications training institution to establish a branch in Ghana. We were solely in charge of investing and managing the Ghana operations. We have so far achieved good success and the brand is steadily growing in the market.

    Development of corporate strategy and brand identity for Ghana Energy Sector Annual Ball (GESAB)

    In 2017, DONE BY US developed and executed Ghana’s first ever end of year gala for the country’s energy sector. The event was designed to bring captains of industry together to strengthen their relationships and plan for subsequent years.

    Development of Communication Strategy for a client

    In 2017, DONE BY US through our Senior Advisors, developed communications strategy for an energy company in Ghana. The strategy was implemented by the client’s Corporate Affairs Unit. Phase two of the project was capacity building were our consultants and advisors trained the entire firm on communication best practices.

    New media management for clients.

    Since 2017, DONE BY US has been managing new media assets (social media platforms and websites) for various clients. We develop contents; manage posts and engagements, and presents report to clients.

    Working with global partners to create sustainable future

    In 2017, DONE BY US acted as a local partner for a Spanish NGO that was seeking to train and build capacity of small/medium scale miners on the use of best practices in the mining sector, to contribute to the community socio-economic development, to promote the livelihoods of families and protect their children through investing in their educational growth.

    Advisory Services for Energy News Africa

    Since its inception, DONE BY US through our Senior Consultant has been providing pro bono strategy consultancy services for selected start-ups. In this case, we advised one of Ghana’s fast growing online news portal dedicated to Ghana’s energy sector.

    Strategy Consulting for an Award event in Ghana’s energy sector.

    From 2016, DONE BY US through our Senior Advisors has been providing business strategy consultancy services for C-suite executives of one of Ghana’s prestigious Award events. We advise the Chief Executive Office on business strategy and corporate communications.

    Capacity Building

    Since 2015, DONE BY US through our Senior Advisors has trained several corporate bodies on various topics in Ghana. We have trained Boards, C-suite executives and operational managers over the years.

    Various communication assignments for public and private sector institutions.

    Since 2012, DONE BY US through our consultants has been undertaking various communications functions for key public and private sector institutions across diverse industries in Ghana. Key amongst them are media buying, speech writing, organizing press conferences, event management, producing documentaries, producing magazines, brochures, newsletters and other branded materials.

    Establishing and E-commerce brand

    DONE BY US was a partner to an e-commerce brand that made it possible for automobile users to locate automobile service providers in real time as well as connect automobile component distributers to auto mechanics with ease. We worked on the idea and bringing the product and related services to market.


    Clients Testimonials

    DONE BY US and its team of experts, developed and successfully executed a stakeholder consultation plan for GFA Consulting Group GmbH to the satisfaction of GIZ and Ministry of Energy Ghana. The professional trait and technical knowhow exhibited by DONE BY US is highly commendable and the company’s flexibility and willingness to adapt to the changing circumstance of the project was something GFA Consulting Group appreciates. Furthermore, DONE BY US professionally coordinated and was part of all engagements, achieved their deliverables and submitted a high quality report.
    GFA Consulting Group GmbH
    We believe that the video produced by Done By Us will help raise awareness about the ECOFRIDGES project among Ghana’s local population and explain the on-wage financing model and its models to more actors in the international development sector. We recommend Done by Us for any creative work, especially in videography and film production.
    Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) and United Nations Environment Programme’s United for Efficiency (UNEP U4E)

    During the period of engaging Done By Us, they have exhibited a high level of professionalism by providing our business with excellent support in the areas of concept development, photography and creative writing for all our social media platforms.

    General Manager
    Tomreik Hotel

    Work conducted by Done By Us has been a major factor in our success story as a company by boosting our online presence from 20% to 70% within a period of one year.

    Human Resource and Administration Manager
    Tomreik Hotel

    Done By Us has been a tremendous help to us especially by helping us with business management and providing prudent guidance for our expansion strategy in Ghana, Asia and Europe.

    AB&OLane Logistics Inc

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