DONE BY US has gone through different transformational changes throughout its lifespan. It was started in 2012 as an entertainment company and then transformed into a consultancy firm five years later before rebranding to have its current purpose. The company was founded to solve problems in an innovative way and provide value for its stakeholders.

Who We Are

DONE BY US is an integrated consultancy and investment company that delivers value to clients, employees, shareholders and all other stakeholder groups. Our advice and solutions are based on facts and thorough research. We find unique and repeatable ways to solve client’s problems. We are keen on using creativity and innovation to develop lasting commercial viable solutions to solve societal problems.

Our Capability And Competence

DONE BY US is staffed with inspiring and determined individuals with practical experience in varied industries. We are specialized in transforming complex issues into practicable solutions. We help businesses solve multifaceted business problems. We work with only the best consultants from diverse industries.

Why Clients Choose Us

Throughout the world, our clients in both public and private sectors are impressed with our smartness, attention to detail and ability to gain new insights in various industries. We use innovation to acquire new insights for our clients and we turn them into something feasible afterwards. Clients opt for DONE BY US because our advice gives them a head start. We have given professional advice on various projects in Ghana, Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world.


DONE BY US has four operating arms namely: Consultancy, Investment, Capacity Building and Research.


To serve the world by putting people, society and environment first.


To create value with consultancy and investment using innovative and creative solutions based on key insights by competent and skillful workforce to positively impact our world.


To become a leading global company that creates value for stakeholders and makes the world a better place for all.



We have great admiration and respect for all stakeholders.


We are keen on competence and skill in everything we do.


Our advice and solutions are based on research and critical analysis.

Value Creation

We add value to everything that we do.


Our customers always trust us to have their best interest.

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